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bimac / NIC Research:
As of now our NIC research and development is continuing without external funding.

Trending work is done out of our own resources and pokets. We are currently working on
  • Updating new results for 2015/16. You will find latest (2013/14) results on .
  • Introducing new metric for all indicators: cost efficiency as output/input ratio
    • output: impact of indicator (driver) in GDP formation as % of GDP
    • input: investment costs and expences for indicator present level as % of GDP
  • National NIC heath map(s) for all NIC 48 indicators: impact of single indicator on
    • GDP growth, GDP/capita and GDP/employed
    • Export growth, balance of trade and trade ratio
    • Government debt real growth, current account balance, intrest rate and inflation
    • Labor productivity growth, TFP change, employment rate and establishing of new firms
    • Domestic consumption development and dependency ratio changes
    as fast, medium lagged or slow
    high, average or low impact.
    Take a preview at Trending

    NIC cost efficiency and indicator heath map(s) are intended as tools for foreseing sustainable investment strategies and guide national government policy making that matters.

    Support this work and our ongoing NIC research developments.

Thank You for Your contribution!

If you encounter any problems or have questions: Contact bimac nic research

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